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4th Mondays, Monday 25 September, 6.30pm, The Royal Standard Pub, Ely

Tracy Grazioli CertBB&C & M.I.Ex Director, International Anglia Santander plc
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4th Mondays. Monday 26 June, 6.30pm, The Royal Standard Pub, Ely

Patrick Neate
Brexit, 12 months on - Read more

This week's discussion, "Brexit, 12 months on" attracted a good audience at the Royal Standard Pub in Ely. A lively discussion took place - far from a bunch of business people reciting the same script!
Many differing views were expressed: about whether the Government was approaching things sensibly; about things that have already changed for worse; about the opportunities and pitfalls for businesses as they seek to forge new international partnerships; and about what can be done to ensure that everyone is listened to, covering all shades of business society, but also the ordinary people whose lives may be affected by the outcome of Brexit negotiations.
Above all, though, the main message, even for the leave contingent, was that a strong feeling of anxiety and uncertainty continues to pervade East Anglia - a feeling that is unlikely to go away for some time. Meanwhile businesses, small and large, must determine their own path if they are to survive, yet they still lack clear visibility of the likely outcome of negotiations with Europe over free trade agreements, immigration rules, legal jurisdiction and other key concerns, such as the possible effects on the research and innovation communities.
With all the above in mind, Ely Cathedral Business Group is considering how best to theme its Autumn Debate on 11 October, 2017. Progress with Brexit is an obvious candidate, but we would be very glad to hear any views on that or alternative subjects affecting how we do business in Cambridgeshire. Do let us know if you have a suggestion, but, above all, do put the date in your diary!

ECBG Autumn Discussion Evening 2017

Wednesday 11 October, 6.30pm, Ely Cathedral