Fourth Mondays

Fourth Mondays are monthly discussion sessions led by a different guest speaker each month. The series is an excellent platform for local business people to learn about each other's professional lives, to share experiences, challenges and insights, and to inspire one another.

Our motivation for these gatherings includes the following:

  • to encourage networking amongst ECBG members - building relationships
  • to learn about each other's businesses and professional lives
  • to share experiences, challenges and insights, and to inspire one another
  • to pursue the ECBG theme and purpose: the success of business as a driver of wellbeing in our community

These events are open to all, free of charge. No need to book, just turn up.

Fourth Mondays Schedule

Available here


The Royal Standard Pub, Fore Hill, Ely, CB7 4AF (parking in Broad Street car park).


6.30pm on the fourth Monday of each month, during spring season January to June, and autumn season September to November.


Kick off at 6.30pm with perhaps 15-20 minutes of introduction from the discussion leader, followed by +/- one hour of discussion, to finish by 8.30pm latest.

Guide agenda for the discussion leader could include:

Personal Introduction:

  • Professional - CV and experience
  • Personal (Optional)
  • Role in Company

Company Introduction may include some / all of:

  • What company does
  • Where it does it
  • How it does it - culture & values
  • Customers, marketing
  • Suppliers, procurement of goods and services, out sourcing vs. in house
  • Ownership structure
  • Board and governance
  • Employees & Management profile
  • Financial data - Balance sheet, P&L, cashflow
  • Interface with community(ies) and CSR
  • Interface with government
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Key success factors (SWOT)
  • Influence of local/national/global socio-economic factors