Fourth Mondays Schedule

2017 Autumn Season

Monday 27 November, 6.30pm
The Royal Standard Pub, Ely

Talk by Sarah Simonds, Artichoke Ely
Where Angels Fear to Tread, Retail in the 21st Century

Sarah Simonds of Artichoke is an accidental retailer. Retiring from a career in shipping to have her children in the late nineties, Sarah thought that she would become a lady who lunched. Life, however, as it so often does, “bit her on the bum” and she needed to earn cash whilst her children were very small. Living in rural West Norfolk, this proved to be quite difficult. So at a girlfriends suggestion, Sarah set up a mobile clothes shop. Fast forward fifteen years and you will note that Sarah has two bricks and mortar shops, one in Ely and the other in Swaffham, an established pop up and a small web business. Sarah will be discussing the challenges facing independent retailers in today’ s economic environment.

No December meeting

2018 Autumn/Winter Season

Monday 22 January, 6.30pm
The Royal Standard Pub, Ely

Talk by Tracey Harding of the Ely Tourist Information Office
'Spotlight on Visit Ely'